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EZMT Portable Cattle Feeder Video
EZMT Portable Cattle Feeder

EZMT Portable Cattle Feeder
EZMT Portable Cattle Feeder
EZMT Portable Cattle Feeder sides dump for easy cleanout.
Both trailer sides dump for easy cleanout

EZMT has a spring loaded telescopic tongue.
Spring loaded telescopic tongue

EZMT has a removable insert for front and rear of feeder wagon.
Removable inserts for front and rear of feeder wagon

"The strongest & most versatile feeder wagon made anywhere"

This revolutionary new feeder uses hydraulics to dump the trailer floor on each side for easy clean out. This feature makes cleaning out an EZMT feeder faster and easier than any other feeder on the market. A hydraulic cylinder located at the front of the feeder is powered by the hydraulics on your tractor or hydraulic truck bed. No more wasted time spent pitching sticks and crusted hay out of your feeder by hand, with the pull of the lever the EZMT sides and floor rotate to easily dump all leftover debris right onto the ground. The use of hydraulics also enables the EZMT feeder to adjust the width of the trailer to accommodate cows and calves. This design allows you to use the same feeder to efficiently feed any size animal.

  • 12 ga floor pan
  • 4x6 square frame
  • 20' long
  • 32 feed openings

  • Features
    • New 15" tires
    • Valve stem guards
    • Sliding tongue extension
    • Reinforced feeder pan
    • Hydraulic floor dump
    • Hydraulic width adjust
    • Adjust from 7' wide down to 5'6"
    8' Hay Saver Bale Feeder with Metal Skirt

    Our hay-saver bale feeders all but eliminate the waste and are made to outlast cheaper made feeders giving the best buy for your dollar. Built out of 2-3/8" OD pipe and has a coped and welded frame, this Heavy-Duty feeder keeps the bale 20" off the ground and has metal skirting to keep the hay in the feeding area. Bottom frame is on pipe skids and able to be pushed or pulled thru the roughest terrain.

    Our most popular!

    Round Bale Feeders

    These portable two piece bale feeders are made to un-pin and open up easily. The round frame is made out of 1.66 dia 14ga tubing and the the slant bars are a 1.25 14ga tubing with 16" of sheet metal covering the bottom sections of the bale feeders.

    Continuous Slant Bar Feeder Panels

    Made in 10' sections, these continuous feeder panels come with connectors to slide together to make a feeder line as long as you want, just like continuous fencing. Made with a strong 1.66 dia 14ga frame and 1.25 dia slant bars that are spaced 13" apart. These 10' sections come with 16" of sheeted metal on the bottom and are available in 4' or 4'9" heights.

    Continuous Bunk Line Feeder Panels
    Picture coming soon!
    Made out of the same materials as the 10' continuous feeder panels without the sheeted metal on the bottoms. They are made to go over the top of feed bunks and come with all the connectors to slide them together to make as long a line as you need. Available in either 32" or 41" heights.

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