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Linn Post and Pipe Continuous Fencing
Continuous Fencing
Linn Post and Pipe Continuous Fencing is made from quality materials and craftsmanship.

  • All new prime tubing
  • Solid 3/4 rod braces
  • 10" long panel connecters
  • Closed one or both end panels
  • Standard or heavy duty available
  • Our continuous fencing is not only rugged and strong, but an attractive, eye pleasing addition to your farm or ranch. They are offered in 20' sections and in various heights ranging from four to seven horizontal bars. All standard fencing has six solid 3/4" rod vertical supports for superior strength , while our horse fencing is available with four. (painting is available on all panels)
    Heavy Duty continuous fencing is also available for those heavy crowding situations. Made out of the same materials as our guaranteed gates, this fence is built to take the abuse that cattle are sure to give in working conditions.

    The best looking fence you can buy that will also handle the abuse & tough conditions that fences are subjected to. Our continuous fencing has been on many farms & ranch's for over twenty years and still is doing the job it was intended to do and still looks great. We use only the best materials and quality craftsmanship to build our fencing to give you the best VALUE for your money.

    Patented in 1974 by Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. founder Emil Peters.

    Continuous connection Patent No. 406 754 7

    Accessories and Features

    Nail Clamps

    Nail Clamps are available for mounting your fencing to wood posts. Steel panels can be welded directly to the posts or you can use the nail clamps to fasten them to the post.
    Nail Clamps


    Rods are bent at top and bottom to eliminate sharp edges.

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