Where can I buy your products?

Linn Post & Pipe has conveniently located dealers nationwide. They can be found here on the website under the Information – Dealers tab. If there are no dealers nearby, the main office will work directly with you to get the product you are seeking.

What can I do if the dealer doesn't have the Linn Post & Pipe product in stock?

All Dealers are expected to carry sufficient stock to serve the requirements of their local
customers. However, during peak times of the year it is possible that products may be out of
If your local dealer does not have the product in-stock at the time you are looking to purchase, please contact us. We will work with other dealers in your area to find the product you are seeking, and get it delivered to you in a timely fashion. If no dealers nearby have the product you are seeking, we will work with your local dealer to get the product you are seeking to you as quickly as possible.

Is the Wrangler Corral or Bulldog Corral legal for highway use?

Yes, Linn Post & Pipe Corrals are built to legal trailer width and equipped with brake, running, and turn signal lights. They are also built to handle being pulled down the road at all legal posted speed limits.