Bulldog Powerwash Funds Scholarships

As of February 2022, Washington County has a 24/7 automatic car wash. The Bulldog Powerwash is courtesy of the hard-working and dedicated team at Linn Post and Pipe. Not only is there now a fast and easy way to clean up the family car, but a portion of the proceeds from every car wash goes toward a scholarship fund specifically for seniors at Linn High School.

Bulldog Powerwash is Open!

Kyle Peters, Linn Post and Pipe General Manager and Company President, and Janelle Wohler, Linn Post and Pipe Office Manager, saw a need for their community. They realized car and truck owners had to drive across the county lines if they wanted an automatic car wash. So they developed a plan and brought everyone together to break ground on the only automatic car wash in Washington County. Once they realized the need, their motivation was simple. They wanted to build up their community by providing growth within the area and improve the appearance of the town by keeping the vehicles looking nice.

Kyle also had the goal in mind to provide support for the school in the form of scholarships for graduating seniors. Now that the Bulldog Powerwash is open, prices range from $6 – $12. All car wash options include pre-soaks, spot free and high pressure rinses. Additional features include a soft water rinse; side and undercarriage durablasters; full body clear coats; cannon dryers; tri-foam conditioning; and wax protectant.

A Sustainable Way to Raise Scholarship Money

The Bulldog Powerwash provides the community a fast and easy way to clean their cars. It also supports the local high school by offering a sustainable way to raise money for the Linn High School Senior Scholarship fund. $3 from every top-notch Bulldog wash package goes directly toward the scholarship fund. There is also no cap on how much can be donated. As the community takes advantage of Bulldog Powerwash, the more money that’s filtered into scholarships for Linn High School seniors. This year, Linn Post and Pipe also plans to contribute an additional donation in order to jump start the scholarship fund while the Bulldog Powerwash gets up and running.