Cattle Feeders Make Easy Work Even Easier

At Linn Post & Pipe, we take simple chores like feeding cattle and make them even simpler! Our cattle feeders range from classic round bale feeder designs to the versatility of our continuous feeder panels. We’ve created a set of tools and options to make your farm the best it can be.

Cattle Feeders Can Eliminate Hay Waste

The price of hay isn’t getting any lower. Save hay, (and money), with the Linn Post & Pipe’s 8-foot Hay Saver Bale Feeder with a Metal Skirt. Our hay-saver bale feeders all but eliminate the waste and are made to outlast cheaper-made cattle feeders. This gives you the best buy for your dollar. This heavy duty cattle feeder is built out of 2-3/8″ OD pipe and with a coped and welded frame. It keeps the bale 20-inches off the ground and has metal skirting to keep the hay in the feeding area. The bottom frame is on pipe skids and is able to be pushed or pulled through the roughest terrain.

Feed Cattle Wherever They Are

Cattle like to stay on the move. Linn Post & Pipe makes it easy to feed them wherever they roam with our Round Bale Feeders. These portable two-piece bale feeders are made to un-pin and open up easily, making assembly and disassembly a breeze. When assembled, these cattle feeders are 8.5-feet in diameter. The round frame is made out of 1.66 diameter 14ga tubing. The slant bars are a 1.25 diameter 14ga tubing. There is also 16 inches of sheet metal covering the bottom sections of the bale feeders.

Cattle Feeders to Fit Your Space

Our Continuous Slant Bar Feeder Panels are ideal for ranches that need flexibility as the herd fluctuates in number. These continuous feeder panels come with connectors to slide together to make a feeder line as long as you want. These cattle feeders work just like continuous fencing and the panels are conveniently made in 10-foot sections. It’s made with a strong 1.66 diameter 14ga frame with 1.25 diameter slant bars spaced 13 inches apart. Each section comes with 16 inches of sheet metal on the bottom and are available in 4-foot or 4’9″ heights.

The Linn Post Difference

Providing quality resources to save you time and energy has been the mission of Linn Post & Pipe Supply since 1974. If you’re looking for the best value for your operation choose Linn Post & Pipe. Our equipment is built to last generations!