Cropland Grazing with the Wrangler Portable Corral

The agricultural and environmental benefits of cropland grazing are catching the attention of farmers and ranchers across the nation. Linn Post and Pipe has the expertise and equipment needed to transition cattle onto croplands with safety and ease.

Cropland Grazing on the Rise

It’s no mystery that there’s an increase in efforts to coordinate grazing and crop production. Using the same land for both productions can lead to an increase in agricultural yields without leaving negative environmental impacts. Originally, a major concern with cropland grazing was how compacted the soil would become after livestock had grazed over it, but studies have shown that animals compact the soil no deeper than four inches but heavy machinery and equipment can compact the soil at least four times as deep. With proper preparations, any farmer can convert their croplands into grazing land with ease and reap the benefits of cropland grazing.

How the Wrangler Portable Corral Can Help

Having the proper equipment is vital when moving cattle. Whether catching and loading out large groups or moving them a day at a time for cropland grazing, the Wrangler Portable Corral makes it easier and safer. The corral has three size options with additional features such as headgate attachments, built-in palpation doors, and bowgate features. These options result in an endless number of quick-and-easy pen setups that can be customized for every situation.