Crowding Tubs Make Easy Work

Linn Post & Pipe has been building one of the heaviest crowding tubs in the industry for over thirty years. They help efficiently funnel cattle into the alleyway, helping reduce stress on the cattle and keeping operators safe. Linn Post & Pipe builds the easiest to set-up and the most user-friendly crowding tubs on the market.

Specifications & Options of Crowding Tubs

With several options to choose from, Linn Post & Pipe has 1/4, 2/3 and full circle tubs. Our tubs come with a ten foot tub radius and are made with fourteen gauge galvanized sheeting. All our tubs are sheeted with this heavy gauge material. This type of material is known to help reduce the stress on animals in a working situation.The side panels reach a height of sixty-nine inches while the overall height of the crowding tubs reach seven feet. Our crowding tubs are built with a twelve gauge frame. Within that frame are six heavy duty bars on the side panels and seven similar bars on the crowd gate. The crowding gate can easily be switched over to push cattle in either direction with minimal effort. 

Compatible Linn Post & Pipe Products

Linn’s crowding tub and alley systems can be configured into almost any design. Using our wide variety of cattle crowding products, we’re sure we can create a system that fits your individual needs. Crowding tubs can be paired easily with a slide gate, a sorting cage, and even our sixteen foot loading chutes. To get even more creative, explore additional options by using our adjustable straight or curved alleyways and/or double alleyways. 

Linn Post & Pipe’s alleyways feature the fastest adjustment available. The single lever adjustment allows you to go from 30” wide down to 18” with the pull of a lever. This increases efficiency by quickly adjusting to the width of large cows all the way to young calves. Straight alleyways are available in 20’ or 12’ lengths. Curved alleyways direct cattle flow in a curve either to the left or right at a 90 degree angle. Double alleyways make a large entrance for cattle to enter and then transitions the cattle into a single alley. A double alleyway system is the most efficient set up for loading out cattle. It also keeps the flow of cattle consistent for the chute. 

The Linn Post Difference

Providing quality resources to save you time and energy has been the mission of Linn Post & Pipe Supply since 1974. If you’re looking for the best value for your operation choose Linn Post & Pipe. Our equipment is built to last generations!