Drought Conditions in Kansas

Don’t let the recent rainfall fool you; Kansas and the surrounding Midwest states are still very much in a drought. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, the majority of Kansas and many other Midwest states are experiencing drought conditions. These conditions range from being abnormally dry to areas experiencing an extreme or exceptional drought. At Linn Post & Pipe, we sympathize with our clients. We’re committed to providing the proper equipment to run your ranch or farm in these trying times.

Impacts of a Drought

Drought conditions can affect many aspects of a region’s ecosystem and it’s important to know what those aspects are. In the early levels of a drought, it is well known that the risk of wildfires increases. This can result in the implementation of burn bans and the cease of fireworks sales. Pond levels begin to drop and can eventually dry up completely. To make it worse, blue-green algae can cause a large impact on the water supply. Grains and grasses that require more water start to get drought stressed and crop fields can be severely damaged. In the Midwest, these crops typically include wheat, corn, soybean and hay.

As drought conditions rise to extreme and extraordinary levels, the situation becomes much more dire to everything in the area. All varieties of crops can be severely impacted and potentially not be harvested. This is partly because the river levels drop even lower and can not be used to irrigate the crop fields. As river levels continue to decrease, emergency water supplies are needed and municipal water restrictions are implemented. Low water levels also mean all aquatic life and food chains are being affected. For cattle, pasture conditions tend to be poor in these stages of a drought. This is also the stage where people will begin to see the ground crack from prolonged lack of precipitation. With these intensely dry conditions, major infestations of locusts can occur, as well as large dust storms and wildfires. 

Quality Equipment at Linn Post 

Drought conditions are forcing farmers and ranchers to work harder to take care of their livestock. Linn Post & Pipe Supply knows that having the proper equipment is vital and it needs to work correctly. The equipment farmers and ranchers use should not add to the workload of their day. Our business was created to support the needs of small, rural farmers and ranchers in the northern United States. We are proud to continue providing quality equipment and other resources that save precious time and energy. That has been the mission of Linn Post & Pipe Supply since its beginning in 1974. The equipment sold at Linn Post & Pipe is built with pride and designed to last generations.