Feelin’ the Love at Linn Post & Pipe

At Linn Post & Pipe, it may be an understatement to say that we love our clients! We appreciate each and every client that has contributed to keeping Linn Post & Pipe going strong for nearly fifty years. To celebrate this affectionate month, we wanted to share some of the wonderful things clients have said about Linn Post.

Clients LOVE Our Products

From portable corrals to feeders, repurposed pipes to continuous fencing, Linn Post & Pipe clients enjoy the quality of our products. Our company started with continuous fencing and has added great livestock equipment over the years. The equipment we sell is built with pride and designed to last generations.

“I have a Wrangler Portable Corral and love it. It has made catching cattle off pastures very easy. The cattle are not intimidated at all, they just walk right in and are very calm while in the corral. I can catch 2 -3 pastures a day by myself.” – Keith

“Freestanding panels are great panels. Great to deal with as well.” – Tim

“We have the Wrangler Portable Corral and absolutely love it! We are able to get multiple pastures caught and hauled off wheat in one day with ease. It also helps a tremendous amount during calving season. We have owned it for 3 years and couldn’t be more pleased. This week we caught a 2 year old bull that went totally ballistic. That corral was put to the test that day. He tried his best to destroy it and other than bending one of the braces it stood up to him! GREAT product. Well worth the money. One of the best investments we have made!” -Jason Nutt, Nutt Cattle Company

Customer Service is Key

Linn Post began with a farmer’s love for his local community and the concerning needs of its farmers and ranchers. Our passion for the community has only grown over the years. It is the blueprint for how this company has and always will do business. 

“Great people. Quality, heavy duty, livestock equipment.” – Aaron

“Got unloaded quick in spite of -2° temp. Polite and good bunch of people.” – Steve

Spread the Love. Leave a Review!

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