Heavy Duty Gates at Linn Post & Pipe

For almost fifty years Linn Post & Pipe Supply has been building heavy duty gates. Farmers and ranchers have been able to rely on their gates even in the toughest situations. Our durable heavy duty gates carry a two year guarantee on breaking from animal abuse. These gates are strong and capable, made out of new 1.66 diameter high tensile tubing. If you’re looking for the best value for your operation, choose Linn Post & Pipe Supply. Our equipment is built to last and we stand by it proudly.

Features of Our Heavy Duty Gates

At Linn Post & Pipe Supply, we want to provide you with the features that work best with your farm or ranch’s needs. That’s why we offer multiple options to allow a fit that is convenient and functional for each client’s unique requirements. All joints on our heavy duty gates are coped then welded, and have square cut top corners for superior strength.

Every gate at Linn Post & Pipe Supply comes with your choice of hinges and latches for wood or steel posts. Hinge options include an angle eye hinge or a redi-bolt hinge. The angle eye hinge works best attached to a steel post, while the redi-bolt hinge provides stability to a wooden post. Both hinges are designed to work in perfect conjunction with our heavy duty gates. They will not buckle under the weight of the gate and will allow the gate to open with ease. 

For latches on our heavy duty gates, Linn Post & Pipe offers a slide bolt latch and a chain latch. Both latches pair well with either wood or steel posts, though steel is preferred as it’s a stronger option. The slide bolt and chain latches are also designed for access on either side of the gate. If using a lock with the latch is necessary, we recommend the chain latch. 

The Linn Post Difference

Linn Post & Pipe Supply knows that having the proper equipment is vital when dealing with livestock, especially large cattle. Our business was created to support the needs of small, rural farmers and ranchers in the northern United States. We are proud to continue providing heavy duty gates and other quality resources that save precious time and energy. That has been the mission of Linn Post & Pipe Supply since its beginning in 1974. The equipment sold at Linn Post & Pipe is built with pride and designed to last generations.