Pearson Livestock Equipment at Linn Post & Pipe

Linn Post & Pipe is proud to offer our customers Pearson Livestock Equipment. Like all products at Linn Post, Pearson Livestock Equipment builds every piece of livestock handling equipment with ranchers in mind. They believe that when it comes to working livestock, the focus has to be on the animal and the operator. We couldn’t agree more. We’re proud to make and sell some of the finest livestock equipment in the world. Alongside Pearson Livestock Equipment, we’ll continue to provide quality farm equipment and resources that save precious time and energy. 

A Look at Pearson Livestock Equipment Products

Pearson is a fellow leader in the industry. Their innovative equipment is designed to reduce stress on you and your animals while withstanding time, usage, and your livestock. For fifty years, Linn Post & Pipe has listened to community concerns and provided equipment to fulfill those needs. Here’s some of the Pearson equipment that you can find at your nearest Linn Post & Pipe:

Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

Pearson Livestock Equipment has designed three hydraulic chutes: the Original, Prime, and Prime XL. The Original Hydraulic Chute utilizes the same design principles that have made Pearson a leader in the livestock handling systems for over 50 years. It provides enhanced efficiency and power to the operator using hydraulics. The Prime Hydraulic Chute is packed with upgrades for quieter operation and easier access while working your animals. Finally, the Prime XL Hydraulic Chute includes all of the Prime upgrades, but with a longer length. Plus, it includes an adjustable width palpation section with doors. The doors are built into each side of the chute frame to eliminate space for calves to turn around.

Manual Squeeze Chutes

Each of the hydraulic chutes also come in the form of manual chutes. The Original Manual Chute gets back to the basics of the Pearson brand, offering a simple, high quality manual squeeze chute at an affordable price. The upgraded Prime Manual Chute is designed with convenient access and time-saving features. It is also compatible with any headgate and tailgate. The longer length of the Prime XL Manual Chute includes all of the Prime upgrades. Like its hydraulic counterpart, it includes an adjustable width palpation section with doors built into each side of the frame.

The Manual Squeeze Chutes offer a variety of features and options to fit every rancher’s needs. Pearson Livestock Equipment has two headgate varieties: the Self-Catch Headgate and the Gravity Headgate. Patented in 1965, the Self-Catch Headgate is the industry standard and Pearson’s most popular headgate. The Gravity Headgate’s innovative design uses gravity to help open the headgate, up to 30 inches wide. This makes it the ideal choice for mixed temperament herds, horned animals, and large bulls. Originally designed for bison, the Horizontal Rolling Gate is heavy duty, durable, and easy to operate. Lastly, the Aluminum Tailgate is perfect for lone operators with an automatic lock-up/lock-down. It’s operated by rope and pulley system from the front of the chute.

Cattle Scales

As all ranchers know, it’s important to monitor the weight of their herds to ensure they are healthy. Pearson Livestock Equipment has multiple options for ranchers to weigh cattle. The Pearson Scale Systems can be added to any Pearson chute. They are accurate, easy-to-use, and pairs with either of the following Tru-Test indicators: 

  • Tru-Test S3 Indicator: a waterproof, fully portable weigh scale indicator designed to hold up to the toughest conditions.
  • Tru-Test EziWeight7i: connects wirelessly to Tru-Test’s EID readers, automatically transferring scanned IDs straight into the weigh scale indicator. This saves you time and increases accuracy. 

The Linn Post Difference

Linn Post & Pipe Supply knows that having the proper equipment is vital when dealing with livestock, especially large cattle. Our business was created to support the needs of small, rural farmers and ranchers in the northern United States. We are proud to provide Pearson Livestock Equipment and other quality resources that save precious time and energy. That has been the mission of Linn Post & Pipe Supply since its beginning in 1974. The equipment sold at Linn Post & Pipe is built with pride and designed to last generations.