Windbreak Panels at Linn Post & Pipe

For almost fifty years Linn Post & Pipe Supply has been building quality equipment for farms and ranches. Farmers and ranchers have been able to rely on Linn Post products even in the toughest situations. Freestanding Windbreak Panels are a prime example of an essential piece of farm equipment that we provide. These panels are important to help keep livestock warm and protected from harsh weather elements. If you’re looking for the best value for your operation, choose Linn Post & Pipe Supply. Our equipment is built to last and we stand by it proudly.

Features of Our Windbreak Panels

At Linn Post & Pipe Supply, we provide you with quality features that work with your farm or ranch’s needs. Each windbreak panel measures twenty-five feet in length and seven feet, nine inches in height. Multiple panels can be chained together with connectors and bent to fit the area you need to cover. The frame of each panel is made from sturdy 2-7/8 pipes and is constructed to include five uprights. Added to the top of each panel is a top lifting bar to make moving the panels easy and efficient. Each panel has two eleven foot bent legs that can be removed if necessary. To best suit each farmer or rancher’s needs, the frame can be bought with or without the metal panels included. The windbreak panels are made up of twenty-two gauge galvanized deck tin.

To purchase a windbreak panel, Linn Post & Pipe makes it easy. A single windreak with the tin panel is $1,325. However, if you purchase five or more windbreak panels, the cost goes down to just $1,150 per panel. We’ve also included an option to buy the frame without the tin and that lowers the cost by $300 per panel. Check out Linn Post & Pipe’s website for more information about windbreak panels and also for shipping options. 

The Linn Post Difference

Linn Post & Pipe Supply knows that having the proper equipment is vital when dealing with livestock, especially large cattle. Our business was created to support the needs of small, rural farmers and ranchers in the northern United States. We are proud to continue providing windbreak panels and other quality resources that save precious time and energy. That has been the mission of Linn Post & Pipe Supply since its beginning in 1974. The equipment sold at Linn Post & Pipe is built with pride and designed to last generations.