Farmer's Blog

Owning a business is full of challenges. Often, I’m never sure what the day will bring. But, this same sense of adventure led my Father, Emil Peters, to invent the product that would become the basis for our family-owned business, Linn Post and Pipe Supply. In 1974, my Father created and patented a faster and easier way to put up fence, called continuous fencing. This convenient, efficient fencing method revolutionized the way fencing was built and installed, forever changing the industry. Three generations later, my employees and I continue down my Father’s path, striving to build better equipment and make sure our customers are nothing less than happy. We’re proud of our reputation; our customers know that no matter the size of their operation, we prioritize and listen to their needs.

In some ways, it’s hard to believe Linn Post and Pipe is celebrating 40 years of quality livestock-handling equipment, but in other ways, it seems nothing short of natural. We’ve managed to evolve to new technology while keeping the same sense of integrity my Father initiated. Today, we offer exciting products like the Wrangler Portable Corral, which features an adjustable alleyway and multiple pen options. Our customers tell us that catching and sorting cattle has never been easier. There’s no lifting, and you can even drive your pick-up truck straight thru.

We’re also looking forward to offering our customers a more user-friendly, intuitive way to connect with our company. Our redesigned website,, is up and running. I invite everyone to visit the site and check out the many ways our talented staff helps customers achieve results through facility design, innovative equipment and creative ideas.

Linn Post and Pipe Supply’s first 40 years have been full of success, and I’m grateful to my Father for building a sturdy foundation. Here’s to the next 40 years and beyond!

– Mike Peters