Linn Post & Pipe has been building the best in cattle & livestock equipment as well as continuous fencing for over 43 years. Our company started with continuous fencing and has added great livestock equipment over the years.  The Wrangler Portable Corral, for example, is the best in corrals with multiple configurations and options.

If you're looking for the best value for your operation choose Linn Post & Pipe. Our equipment is built to last generations!


Catching, sorting, loading or working your cattle has never been easier! Unlike other portable corrals that are only set up for either working cattle or catching and loading the versatile portable corral can do all of those in one system. We have multiple gates and pen setups for catching and sorting and an adjustable alleyway with headgate options to make processing your cattle easier and safer. Just fold it out to the design you need all without lifting or carrying a panel.

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Our continuous fencing is not only rugged and strong, but an attractive, eye-pleasing addition to your farm or ranch. They are offered in 20' sections and in various heights ranging from four to seven horizontal bars. All standard fencing has six solid ¾" rod vertical supports for superior strength, while we also offer a panel with four solid ¾" rod.

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For over 42 years we have been building heavy duty gates that farmers and ranchers have been able to rely on in the toughest situations.  Our durable heavy duty gates carry a 5 year guarantee on breaking from animal abuse. These gate are made out of new 1.66 dia. high tensile tubing and all joints are coped then welded and square cut top corners for superior strength. All gates come with your choice of hinges and latches for wood or steel posts.

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Our high quality portable panels come in 5′ tall and 10’ or 12’ lengths with custom sizes available on request. Rough terrain hookups come standard but we can also make them with chain style or pipe and pin hook ups to suit your needs. Paint available upon request.

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We carry very high quality #1 structural oilfield tubing in 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, 3-1/2”, 4-1/2” sizes. We have multiple truckloads on hand or can get you competitive quotes on truckloads delivered right to the farm. Delivery available to anywhere in US, we get very good trucking rates and can compete with your local prices even with adding our trucking. We can compete with anyone on price and guarantee the best quality you have ever seen! We would love to have your business!

Pre-cut Posts


The Linn Post & Pipe Supply Portable Tub & Alleyway Pro Sytem features a 10’ radius center exit crowding tub & 18′ adjustable alleyway with a built in utility chute. This unit uses a lift system that allows the operator to raise & lower the unit with the ease of a two-speed jack all from one side.

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Linn Post & Pipe Supply has been building one of the heaviest crowding tubs in the industry for over 30 years. These versatile units have a crowding gate that can be easily switched over to push cattle in either direction with minimal effort. A Linn Post & Pipe crowding tub will help efficiently funnel cattle into the alleyway, reducing stress on the cattle and keep the operator safe from injury. With several options to choose from like a secondary crowd gate, 1/4, or 2/3 circle tubs, we are sure to have the right system to fit your individual needs. All our tubs are sheeted with heavy gauge material that is known to help reduce the stress on animals in a working situation.


Feature by feature you will find that Linn Post & Pipe Supply builds the easiest to set-up and the most user friendly crowd tub on the market.



Our hay-saver bale feeders all but eliminate the waste and are made to outlast cheaper made feeders giving the best buy for your dollar. Built out of 2-3/8″ OD pipe and has a coped and welded frame, this Heavy-Duty feeder keeps the bale 20″ off the ground and has metal skirting to keep the hay in the feeding area. Bottom frame is on pipe skids and able to be pushed or pulled thru the roughest terrain.

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Linn Post & Pipe Supply Alleyways feature the fastest adjustment available. The single lever adjustment will allow you to go from 30″ wide down to 18″ with the pull of a lever and the ability to adjust in 2″ increments. From large cows to calves this alleyway will dramatically increase your efficiency by quickly adjusting to the width of the animals you are working with.

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Manufactured in Creighton, NE this heavy duty all steel system saves cattlemen time, money, and effort while working cattle. Built to handle all sizes of cattle that can be worked quickly and easily with our single lever adjustment that adjusts the entire alleyway at one time from 32″ wide down to 18″ in seconds. The heavy duty crowding tub is able to be setup to crowd cattle to the left or right depending on your requirements and allows you to exit cattle out of the tub in two different directions. A basic system shown above includes a 10′ radius crowding tub and 20′ adjustable alleyway.

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