Your Community, Our Passion

Hello again, this is Kevin with Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. I hope everyone’s in a good mood with the rains we have been getting. I know we were getting dry.

I am very proud to be a part of the agriculture industry. The way we all respond to others in need is very inspiring. The donations of hay, fencing supplies, food and water to those who lost so much in the wild fire, is truly humbling.

Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. did our first Facebook Live at the Mid-America Farm Expo in Salina a couple days ago. It was an experience that I was glad to be a part of. We will be doing another one at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo next week. Keep an eye on Linn Post & Pipe Inc.’s Facebook page for an update.

At Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. our customers know we make quality gates, but not everyone knows that our heavy duty gates, up to 16’, are guaranteed for 5 years against animal abuse. At Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. we make our guaranteed gates with 45 degree corners, coped and welded joints, and spacers between the bars to add as much strength to the gates as we can.

Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. also makes standard duty gates that can be used in areas that do not receive a lot of pressure. These gates are made more like our continuous fence panels using the solid ¾” rod for uprights. As always, Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. can make custom size gate to fit any size opening. Just give us the distance between the posts, and we can build a gate to fit.

Give us a call at Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. or come and see us at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo.