Freestanding Panels Give You Options

Freestanding panels have changed the way a lot of farmers work their cattle. They are portable and easy to move, can be used with established work pens, and can become permanent if needed. Using portable panels, ranchers can set up their corral or catch pen ANYWHERE. These panels also allow cropland grazing initiatives to be incorporated with ease and efficiency.

Benefits of Freestanding Portable Panels

The freestanding panels at Linn Post & Pipe are durable and meant to withstand a beating from both weather and animals. Made with a coped and welded pipe frame, these panels come in sections that are 5 feet tall and 24 feet long. Each panel has multiple 60-inch arched feet that provide stability on even the most uneven terrain. This makes them ideal for any type of pasture or field landscape. They are built to last with a heavy oilfield frame on the top and bottom.

Portable fencing like this is ideal when being used on rented ground. They provide flexibility to make a permanent fence line without the commitment of setting posts and setups options are endless. They’re heavy enough to be used without worrying of being knocked over by cattle. Once it’s time to move the cattle to another pasture, freestanding panels are easy to transport with a tractor or skid steer. This also means that setup is quick and easy. No digging. No running wire. Set the panel down and you’re done!

Property taxes are typically collected on fencing located on ranches and farmland. Because fencing with freestanding panels is considered temporary, that removes all tax in the state of Kansas. Using freestanding fencing options, a rancher’s pasture can include a permanent catch or work pen while avoiding the property tax. 

Use with Established Work Pens

Freestanding panels can also be added to your already established fencing and work pens to make handling cattle easier. When catching cattle, these portable panels can be used to create a funnel to be connected to existing work pens.

They also pair well any of our current products to create whatever setup is needed to do the job. For example, our freestanding pipe bow frame is built to be just as versatile as the freestanding panels. It can be set up as a walk-through for loading out or turned into a bow gate. Simply add our bolt-on hinges to hang a bar gate.