The Bulldog Fitness Center is OPEN!

The City of Linn has been busy this year! Linn Post & Pipe loves to see the community growing and expanding to meet the needs of Linn’s residents and students. And we love to be a part of it! Earlier this year, Linn P&P oversaw the construction of the Bulldog Power Wash, a 24/7 automatic car wash. Besides providing clean cars, every car wash helps fund scholarships specifically for seniors at Linn High School. Now, the Linn community has come together once again to create the Bulldog Fitness Center. It’s exciting to see how this will benefit the health of our community and students. 

Fundraising for the Bulldog Fitness Center

The Linn Booster Club was the driving force behind the planning, fundraising and construction of the Bulldog Fitness Center. The Booster Club worked tirelessly to raise funds and thanks to the generosity of the community, they collected $180,000! This allowed them to complete construction and furnish the fitness center. The Linn Post & Pipe team is proud to have been involved in this huge community endeavor. This past winter, we sponsored two nights at the Linn High School basketball games. This was in an effort to raise money toward new equipment for the Bulldog Fitness Center. We called the event Baskets for Bucks. Thanks to some awesome shooting, Linn Post & Pipe was able to donate $1,500 for new fitness equipment. 

After the Bulldog Fitness Center was complete, the Booster Club donated and handed over operations to the Linn Public Schools. The fitness center is now open and is mainly used for Linn’s high school and junior high students. But this is good news even if you’re not a student. The fitness center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve community members as well.

Sign Up for a Membership!

The Bulldog Fitness Center is open to anyone in the community who has a membership. The price for a yearly membership is $120 for an individual and $200 for a family. With a membership, community members receive an access card for easy entrance. The hours of the fitness center are technically 24/7, but there are some exceptions for non-students. The Bulldog Fitness Center is occasionally closed to the community when in use by students. This can occur if students are using the center as part of a school-sponsored program or class. For a membership application, call Stacy at Linn Elementary School at 785-348-5531.